“The Best Leaders are Followers” – Coach Hendra Hilman

When we think of leaders, we often think of one person, sitting at the head of a boardroom table and calling the shots. While images of famous “lone leaders” are forever burned into our memories, the image is misleading. In fact, they all had key advisors, partners, and supporters by their sides. They were successful because they enabled others to achieve greatness, and they allowed themselves to follow.

My leadership skills increased when I knew how and when to follow. By following, I knew when to shut up and listen, set aside my inflated ego for the greater good, and take pride in sharing a collective vision. When was the last time you, as a leader, challenged yourself to follow rather than lead? Here are some simple guidelines to remind you you can do a better job of leading by following.

Follow advice. There are two ways to benefit from advice:

  • listen when advice is offered
  • ask for advice when you need it.

We often forget to ask for advice because we’re afraid we’ll be perceived as weak or indecisive. In reality, the best leaders are those who welcome advice and who admit they don’t have all the answers. The greatest leaders surround themselves with really good people…who they trust to do a great job. Leaders often hire the right people, but they then keep the reins so short and tight, controlling their every move. As a result, they never achieve the “highest and best use” from their talented, gifted people. Do just the opposite.

Loosen those reins. Seek and welcome outside advice.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Who on my team consistently offers a fresh perspective?
  • Have I hired people who will challenge my thinking?
  • What advice have I received from a key advisor or team member that resulted in great things?

Follow your heart. Leave your ego behind and learn to be more caring. It’s natural to think a leader needs to be tough, rational, and bottom-line oriented. We often find ourselves trying so desperately to be professional, or managing “by the book,” that we lose sight of the need to bring more heart into our daily work. To gain respect from your work team, you have to have some heart. Show them in meaningful ways you put their needs ahead of your own.

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Posted on: January 17, 2017hendrahilman

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