Secrets of World’s Top Successful People

Based on survey conducted to more than 12 TOP Successful leaders, like Howard Schultz, (Starbucks), Richard Branson (Virgin), Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Tony Hsieh (, and more..

The very interesting thing about those World Class successful people, are they all have something in common. It is : “WRITTEN GOALS”.

They have listed goals, specific goals, and measurable goals. They keep adding goals each and everyday to make their life much more exciting and give such enjoyable time..

As I learnt from many gurus, mentors, and coaches, I found that having a clear written goals is really too good too be true.

Now I have about 87 goals that I want to achieve before I die, and keep adding more and more, up until now, I accomplished 34 goals..”Not Bad, for beginner,..”

So, the point is that , before you take action, before you start to do something, please bear in mind, that you need to have a CLEAR WRITTEN GOALS.

And, if those successful people can do it, and becoming successful, so can you too. Wishing you all the best and more success!

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“Keep moving Forward! and TAKE ACTION!” – Hendra Hilman

Posted on: February 9, 2017hendrahilman

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