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Do You Want To Sell Anything Easier?

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‘Sales equals Income, The more you can sell, the more income you will make..’  – Robert Kiyosaki

You Need to Learn About Selling, The More Selling Skill You Have, The More Money You Will Earn..’ – Jack Ma


     Join Our 2 Days Sales Academy Training 

With 20 years of experiences of Action Salesman, from telemarketers, sales door-to-door, insurance agent, property agent, network marketing salesman, consumer goods salesman, until becoming Sales Coach. Hendra will train your sales team in your organisation with full energy, full power, and practical class A selling skills. He will trained your sales team to be a highly paid sales people in the organisation

They will feel re-charge, powered, highly motivated, stronger motivation, to achieve their sales goals. In this in house sales training, Hendra will not only train, but he will also coach the sales team how to be like the World Class Sales People. Hendra will teach how to prospect high class clients, how to do professional soft selling, how to handle difficult people, how to overcome objections, how to do smooth closing, how to do win win negotiation, and a strong powerful presentation.

Why You Must Attend Sales Academy (SA) Training?

*SA is a full scale, proactive, fun training starts from planning, conducting, closing, and following up on a sale

* SA teaches you key powerful skills to present, communicate and to influence people with NLP  Sales Techniques, and much more. That if you learn and practice them, your results will improve dramatically

* SA teaches you a sales structure, skill set, and a common language that have the potential to transform the entire sales-and-service culture of an organisation

*SA teaches you 5 types of customers, 4 types of sales person, 4 Types of Negotiators therefore can build long term relationship and make repeat business

*SA provides a practical-proven concept, skills, and knowledge that make selling is easier. 70% Practical Action & Role Play, 30% Selling Skill Concept

The participants will understand:

* How Top Sales People Made Highly Paid Income Each Month

* How To Deal With Difficult Customers

* 4 Types of Customers & How to Handle Them

*4 Types of Negotiators & How to Handle Them

*  How to Ask Best Questions

* How To Sell Expensive Product and Customers Still Line Up To Buy (MUST LEARN)

*5 Killer Closing Techniques! (MUST LEARN)

*How to do Table Talk Selling

*How to do Selling on Stage (MUST LEARN)

*How to Influence People & Win Friends